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Starcraft edits

Those who are not new to Starcraft would know about the many things that got cut and edited. Kotaku has over the past few weeks covered some of these edits and decisions Blizzard had to make in developing the Starcraft Franchise.

One of these would be Starcraft Ghost!5759800/the-head-of-blizzard-explains-the-death-of-starcraft-ghost

This would be the very ghost that you see if you go down the alternative path in the game and get ghosts in Single Player. If you’ve not heard of it, she was supposed to have her own game called Starcraft: Ghost in first person action.

Apparently they had to sacrifice it to get World of Warcraft out properly, as well as maintain their development schedules for Starcraft 2. Maybe you’ll see it rear its head in the future!

The other cut that kotaku covered has to do with making Starcraft 2 playable. Or more specifically, viewable as an e-sport like you see in GSL over at GomTV or perhaps the recent IEM.!5777029/the-sacrifices-of-starcraft-ii-made-in-the-name-of-esports

According to the article the Ultralisk and the Mothership were intended to be waaay larger than they are in the current game. Naturally fi they were too huge you could hide mounds of banelings and stalkers under their bulk, in effect ‘spoiling’ the game which were why they were scaled down.

And those were the decisions that had gone into the world of Starcraft!


Linda Liao Pikachu Joins Razer

I guess this is pretty new but Linda Liao “pikachu” has joined Team Razer. If you didn’t know she’s a diamond player ranked #1 in the league (before masters were out I guess she is probably a master now) as well as winning the ESL female tournament where she had to beat out 31 other opponents (according to the source below, might be less).

As Razer’s site ‘delicately’ puts it:
She’s a versatile celebrity and she can kick your ass.

“I’ve been a fan of Razer products for a long time; they design the best gaming peripherals, which give me the competitive edge in my game,” says Linda. “To me, the collaboration with Razer is a mutual one, and becoming an official member of Team Razer is like a dream come true!”

She has an APM of about 220, which is also similar to what the other pro Korean player Fruit Dealer recommends players to have. As mentioned before she’s a protoss player, although the Pikachu picture of her is in a terran marine suit.

In their interview video she speaks english with chinese subtitles, I guess because she is from Taiwan and Razer intends to simultaneously reach both the english speaking markets as well as the growing chinese markets of China, Taiwan and Asia.

She sure played the entire gamut of Blizzard games from Diablo to Warcraft to Starcraft of course. She talks about trying to craft your own creative strategies and attempt to figure out the execution of the start in Starcraft. She beat her brother’s friends in a 2 v 4, I guess its her brother and her v 4 of her brothers friends.

She says she can play 10 hours a day on weekdays and 4-5 hours a day on weekdays, which is quite a lot!

If you want to meet her, she invites you to challenge her on the US, EU and TW servers!

You can check it out at the link here

I guess you could go and tweet it to the world as it has 0 tweets when I checked, and only 30 facebook likes.

Starcraft Inception

I know I’m a bit slow to this, but only recently have I spotted this video on the history books of youtube.

It is basically the inception theme synced to different parts of cuts from Starcraft 2 and it was done really well, even to the you should dream a little bigger portion! If you’ve watched it then you can probably skip this post, but if not it certainly is worth a watch!

It does sort of remind me of the UP version of Inception that I saw a while back.

And apparently you can buy cobb’s inception totem now straight off on its own instead of getting the whole dvd box set or hunting ebay for the replicas.

Starcraft Universe

And it looks like the World of Starcraft Story gets a happy ending according to game news site Kotaku!

After numerous attempts to take down the youtube video, as well as visits for lawyers, things have turned around for the taleneted creator of the mod.

He has obtained a job offer, or perhaps more objectively an invitation to apply for a job, as well as a guided tour down blizzard.

World of Starcraft will undergo a new name and become a collab with another modder, under the new but shiny “Starcraft Universe” tag.

For more details you can click the kotaku news link at the top!

Starcraft Pikachu

Update! Starcraft’s Pikachu joins Team Razer

Ever seen what happens when two of the best selling games of all times merge together?

All kidding aside, the picture was probably made as a reference to the new up and rising female champion of Starcraft 2 babe Linda Liao. Her in game user name is ‘pikachu’, which actually suits her face too! She’s Taiwan born but schooled in Canada and is currently working in Asia. She’s also a mac user and Team Liquid recently had an interview with her which you can read here:

Some note worthy extracts below:

Q: Why did you decide to pick the ID “Pikachu”?

A: I gamed as Pikachu for SC1, so I just went along with this name for SC2, can’t recall why I chose it in the first place.

Q: Many male players after seeing you play so well think, “Wow, if only my girlfriend could play StarCraft II with me…”. Do you have any advice for recommending StarCraft II to girls?

A: 9BE, 12BG…with extra strength whitening effect! ; )
(Note: In Taiwan and most countries in Asia a lighter or “whiter” skin tone is considered to be desirable as opposed to being “tanned”, therefore if you stay in playing StarCraft you will be paler.)

Q: After the tournament ended on Monday morning you posted the good news on your Facebook page and created quite a stir, even pro players like Canadian Huk and fellow Taiwanese Sen personally congratulated you, how did it feel to receive some much support and blessings?

A: I was very touched to see everyone’s congratutions! I am nowhere near Huk and Sen level! I’m gonna just continue to work hard on this game!

Starcraft 2 Presents

Starcraft 2 presents an incredible opportunity for starcraft fans who have been waiting for over a decade, and it has in general exceeded their expectations. It has come out with a polished online multi-player experience, enriched with data and lessons from warcraft 3 bnet and world of warcraft arena systems to arena tournaments. Currently it is a blast for most players to log in and either fight to diamond or play customs. For those who are playing starcraft or have friends playing starcraft, they might be considering getting starcraft gifts and presents for them be it on occasions such as christmas or birthdays. There are quite a bit of ideas as to how to go about purchasing these stuff. It is also a good idea to buy early though, in case there is shipping lag times as is often during peak periods. At the end of the day it would be the thought that counts, whether it is a Marauder mousepad or a Razer Marauder mouse, different in price they may be by a few times a gift is a gift. There are many ways to go about showing your thoughts and getting a present is just but one of them. Have a very good season or time out there!