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Funny Starcraft 2

Here are some pretty cool and funny stuff from around the internet


we have what seems to be legitimate subtitles for a korean drama:

And from

We have something just as cool in the form of a Lego BattleCruiser!

Starcraft 2 Presents

Starcraft 2 presents an incredible opportunity for starcraft fans who have been waiting for over a decade, and it has in general exceeded their expectations. It has come out with a polished online multi-player experience, enriched with data and lessons from warcraft 3 bnet and world of warcraft arena systems to arena tournaments. Currently it is a blast for most players to log in and either fight to diamond or play customs. For those who are playing starcraft or have friends playing starcraft, they might be considering getting starcraft gifts and presents for them be it on occasions such as christmas or birthdays. There are quite a bit of ideas as to how to go about purchasing these stuff. It is also a good idea to buy early though, in case there is shipping lag times as is often during peak periods. At the end of the day it would be the thought that counts, whether it is a Marauder mousepad or a Razer Marauder mouse, different in price they may be by a few times a gift is a gift. There are many ways to go about showing your thoughts and getting a present is just but one of them. Have a very good season or time out there!