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Boxer Intel ad with SNSD

Looks like this has been out a while but here it is:

This advertisment comes in 1080p with english subtitles, even though its for intel’s korean campaign to push its iseries processors. The actual part where Boxer comes in is really only at the 3:30 mark. You get to see some starcraft action with the classic SlayerS Boxer siege tanks.

There are english subtitles to guide us, but of course you would notice that she isn’t using a mouse at all. You can see intel is really taking out the big guns in their advertising campaign! And I guess Boxer is rolling in the endorsement money in the e-sports scene. Maybe one day the e-sports scene will be as big as golf or tennis. Yoona from SNSD is a singer like the Taiwanese Pro Gamer Linda Liao, but unlike Linda Liao is not a starcraft 2 gamer and is instead also a dancer in the korean girl group SNSD.