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Linda Liao Pikachu Joins Razer

I guess this is pretty new but Linda Liao “pikachu” has joined Team Razer. If you didn’t know she’s a diamond player ranked #1 in the league (before masters were out I guess she is probably a master now) as well as winning the ESL female tournament where she had to beat out 31 other opponents (according to the source below, might be less).

As Razer’s site ‘delicately’ puts it:
She’s a versatile celebrity and she can kick your ass.

“I’ve been a fan of Razer products for a long time; they design the best gaming peripherals, which give me the competitive edge in my game,” says Linda. “To me, the collaboration with Razer is a mutual one, and becoming an official member of Team Razer is like a dream come true!”

She has an APM of about 220, which is also similar to what the other pro Korean player Fruit Dealer recommends players to have. As mentioned before she’s a protoss player, although the Pikachu picture of her is in a terran marine suit.

In their interview video she speaks english with chinese subtitles, I guess because she is from Taiwan and Razer intends to simultaneously reach both the english speaking markets as well as the growing chinese markets of China, Taiwan and Asia.

She sure played the entire gamut of Blizzard games from Diablo to Warcraft to Starcraft of course. She talks about trying to craft your own creative strategies and attempt to figure out the execution of the start in Starcraft. She beat her brother’s friends in a 2 v 4, I guess its her brother and her v 4 of her brothers friends.

She says she can play 10 hours a day on weekdays and 4-5 hours a day on weekdays, which is quite a lot!

If you want to meet her, she invites you to challenge her on the US, EU and TW servers!

You can check it out at the link here

I guess you could go and tweet it to the world as it has 0 tweets when I checked, and only 30 facebook likes.