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Heart of the Swarm Deluxe Collectors

Heart of the Swarm is coming out soon!

Now instead of just the normal edition and the collectors edition, they have an in between digital deluxe edition that has the digital DLCs of the collector’s edition (Quite similar to the way Guild Wars 2 went about it)

It looks like zerg gets the protoss carrier on land in the form of the swarm host



Starcraft II Expansion: Heart of the Swarm Editions
Types Standard Digital Deluxe Physical Collector's Edition
The Game Yes Yes Yes
Torrasque skin for SCII Zerg Ultralisks (Like the SCII:WoL Thor Skin) Yes Yes
SCII Portraits & Decals Yes Yes
WoW Baneling pet Yes Yes
Diablo III Zerg Blade Wings & Banner Sigil Yes Yes
Artbook Yes
Zerg Rush Mousepad Yes
Behind the Scenes BluRay/DVD Yes
Soundtrack Yes

The digital deluxe can be obtained here from blizzard:
The collector’s edition has to be obtained from retail, such as amazon.

But those are all pre-orders so if you’re thinking of something to get for Christmas, then you will have to get something else! The starcraft themed razer peripherals are still pretty popular, from the messenger bag to the banshee headphones. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can take a look at my Starcraft II gift guide here!

Heart of the Swarm Trailers

The last time we had news about Heart of the Swarm was when there was a mysterious video proof of what seemed to be a leaked ending of heart of the swarm chocked full with spoilers. Needless to say, don’t watch it if you don’t want to be spoiled. What we have now though is real official trailers from Blizzard for their next expansion!

It might take you a while to stream from the official blizzard servers and the websites though, so you might want to use youtube links at the bottom if the blizzard stream is too slow for you. The links to youtube are provided below

The two trailers that blizzard has released deals with different aspects; one is a cinematic style teaser trailer showing you high definition footages, the other is a gameplay trailer showing you what has changed and what hasn’t from the first game.

For the movie like trailer, what you see at the start is ghost and more ghosts chasing after another ghost. Nova which you would have seen from Starcraft 2 and heard from the abandoned game project, is likely under orders from arcturus mengsk to chase down the new now human form once ghost Sarah Kerrigan.

Naturally Jim Raynor is not too far from the action and once again you see his trademark yelling after kerrigan scenes. In my humble opinion however kerrigan looked much better before she was zergified. Her converted form has zerg tendril-like hair.

As for the other trailer that deals with the gameplay, it really is pretty much the same old with some new cosmetic changes. Instead of being onboard Jim’s Battlecruiser in Starcraft 2, the expansion has you joining Kerrigan on her journey to regain her powers and retake control of the zerg horde. So instead of the researcher to guide you down the tech tree or the mechanic at the forge, you have two unique zerg creatures taking over those roles. From the trailer it looks like you can also give Sarah Kerrigan herself upgrades, and it appears she takes a more active role in the individual campaign missions than Jim Raynor did in the first game. While there will be new units, new tech and new abilities the expansion looks pretty much the same in terms of game mechanics as the old!

The Trailers here: