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Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Ending leaked!

Spoiler Alert!


A video has apparently leaked showing a studio’s preparatory work on the ending sequence for the Sequel to Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty. According to Kotaku, the video has the stamp of The Third Floor, who has Blizzard as one of their clients. Chances are this is the demo reel for the ending of the next expansion. It remains to be seen if Blizzard will shake up the ending considering that this has been leaked.

It has been pulled from Vimeo and Youtube, so Kotaku’s own video component might be the only way to view it at the moment. Don’t watch if you don’t want spoilers though! The following is a short synopsis in case Blizzard takes down the video too, don’t read it if you don’t want spoilers!

It shows a Kerrigan in zerg form (spoilers for wings of liberty) storming into Mengsk’s room and impaling Mengsk (Arcturus), who appears to have clone kerrigans to synthesize a psychic shockwave to lock down Kerrigan. Jim Raynor in his black space marine suit storms in and saves Kerrigan who proceeds to impale and presumably behead Arcturus Mengsk. Following this, Kerrigan gives free will to the swarm and leaves with them (the zerg) as per a promise with Jim Raynor and the screen fades out to plenty of mutalisks flying away on their own paths now.