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Hearthstone Presents

Looks like it is a merry occasion for Hearthstone giving!

From d3vative: Hearthstone Gifts

Looking for something for Christmas? If you are looking for a Hearthstone Gift this might help!

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Hearthstone Gift Guide

So you are looking for a gift for someone who you knows loves to play hearthstone, but you are unsure how? With amazon, it is now a whole lot easier!

To celebrate hearthstone’s launch on android (and also amazon app store), Amazon has managed a tie up with blizzard using Amazon coins to purchase hearthstone in app purchases.

You will finally be able to get the Hearthstone player a present for the game!

If you are intending to gift a present, be it for Birthdays or for Christmas and other events, one way would be to buy Amazon Gift Cards as a present for them so they can purchase Amazon Coins for the Hearthstone deals using the steps here or here or this page itself!


(Using current promotion, note that this can change)

1) Using the gift card to buy Amazon Coins
E.g. a $70 Gift Card will be able to buy 10000 coins in the current promotion at time of writing

2) Use the 10000 coins to buy Hearthstone packs in the Amazon App Store Hearthstone App, you will then get a coinback of 1000

3) You can then use the coinback of 1000 to buy more packs!

The best part about amazon gift cards is that they are sent almost instantly and there is no need to wait for shipping at all. This allows you to gift those last minute presents effectively, especially for say Christmas when all the deliveries are overloaded.

It used to be an incredible promotion where you can get 144 packs for just $80, but they have since reduced the 20% off coins and 50% coin back to 30% off coins and 10% coinback. While it is by no means a bad deal, you can now only get about 87 packs for $70. Those who acted fast really managed to get an incredible deal! Maybe Amazon will change their mind and revert back to the old promotion.