South Korea Camps

Over in south korea reported by allvoices at
“ryangeneral” reports that kids are sent to camps putting them through a grill of activities to wean them off video game addiction.
It is a pretty short read so you can head on over and take a look at it.

At least they get to ride horses! And some jokes about the snow being coke. As for human rights issue I leave it to you all to decide.

World of Starcraft

World of Starcraft isn’t what you may think it is. No it isn’t project titan. Instead it is a mod created in Starcraft 2 that is a Starcraft version of World of Warcraft! Maybe it is best if you just head straight towards the trailer made for the game and see how well it does at replication the WoW feel!

Blizzard Holiday Dessert Contest Winners

You can view Blizzard’s finalized winners list for the desserts here:

“Another holiday season has come and gone, and while parting may be bittersweet, the entries you baked up and photographed for the 2010 Blizzard Holiday Dessert Contest were all sweet, all the time

Personally my favorite one is that of deathwing! That followed closely by the cupcakes of WoW.

A holiday dessert sure makes a pretty good choice for starcraft christmas gifts or for other occasions like birthdays too!

If you’re interested you really should go over the link up there and check it out at blizz’s website!

Those wonderful concoctions will win their maker prizes like

Razer Banshee Gaming Headset
Razer Marauder Gaming Keyboard
Razer Spectre Gaming Mouse
Signed Collector’s Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Signed Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Any of which is pretty imba on its own!

Starcraft 2 Science

Recently there have been quite a bit of people blogging about the science that could conceivably go behind the scenes of Starcraft 2, here are some of them:

The above is an article from gamepro that digs into the scientific underpinnings of starcraft 2. It tries to bring some factual science to the world of terrans, zerg and protoss. Some choice extracts from that source:


In 2009, scientists learned that separate ant colonies in Japan, Europe, and South America were actually part of a massive global super-colony. This is theorized to have been accomplished by stowing away on human transport, and overthrowing native colonies. So even with a different type of hivemind, Zerg-like tendencies can still emerge.

Teleportation (of the Protoss)

In other words, teleportation doesn’t actually move anything. A particle is simply recreated in a different location. This allows you to measure a particle in one place, then send that information (by conventional means, telephone, radio waves etc.) to another place where it can be constructed. Ostensibly allowing for near light-speed travel.

Again some choice extracts from the site, the site has many other thought blowing articles too!

Creep: that purple, fibrous, living mat that extends from zerg “buildings”. Its ominous presence always tells you you are entering unsafe territory, unless of course you’re playing as zerg, in which case it says “welcome home”! But what exactly is it?

Obviously the creep is still pretty science fictional. I mean, it can grow in space! There are actually some real-world spores that can survive in space, but I think the whole “zerg don’t need spacesuits” issue needs to be tackled in a future post. But from now on, when you see creep, think “slime mold” and when you’re out in the woods and you see a slime mold, be glad you don’t have to watch out for zerglings!

Razer Switchblade

Razer has what could be a revolutionary new design to laptops. One that is entirely devoted to gaming. It seems to be the Apple Inc of the gaming line. Their mockup video showcased it playing Dota and World of Warcraft on the touch screen with a keyboard that has an interface which changes in the game. From their teaser video Starcraft 2 was also seen so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched an assumption to say that they have Starcraft 2 Gamers in mine with their Razer Switchblade ‘laptop’.

Zerg Cake

Topping off the line is the final starcraft species cake, the zerg cake!

Here the minerals look to be crystals, I wonder if they are edible! If they are they may be made from sugar?

Looks really authentic, I guess the future cakes won’t be of just the natural but of a raging battlefield…


Terran Cake (Starcraft)

Seems like a lot more Starcraft 2 Cakes are hitting the internet these days. Just found this real gem of a Terran Bunker Cake.

Once again very well made, if it had tiny marines popping out it would be just like the real thing!

Source/Cake Maker: Puyoda on Flickr