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Heart of the Swarm Deluxe Collectors

Heart of the Swarm is coming out soon!

Now instead of just the normal edition and the collectors edition, they have an in between digital deluxe edition that has the digital DLCs of the collector’s edition (Quite similar to the way Guild Wars 2 went about it)

It looks like zerg gets the protoss carrier on land in the form of the swarm host



Starcraft II Expansion: Heart of the Swarm Editions
Types Standard Digital Deluxe Physical Collector's Edition
The Game Yes Yes Yes
Torrasque skin for SCII Zerg Ultralisks (Like the SCII:WoL Thor Skin) Yes Yes
SCII Portraits & Decals Yes Yes
WoW Baneling pet Yes Yes
Diablo III Zerg Blade Wings & Banner Sigil Yes Yes
Artbook Yes
Zerg Rush Mousepad Yes
Behind the Scenes BluRay/DVD Yes
Soundtrack Yes

The digital deluxe can be obtained here from blizzard:
The collector’s edition has to be obtained from retail, such as amazon.

But those are all pre-orders so if you’re thinking of something to get for Christmas, then you will have to get something else! The starcraft themed razer peripherals are still pretty popular, from the messenger bag to the banshee headphones. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can take a look at my Starcraft II gift guide here!

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SC2 Region Integration


Looks like Blizz is adding the areas together.

In conjunction with the start of Season 3, we’ll be linking the European and Russian StarCraft II communities together; North America and Latin America will also be linked together, as will Korea and Taiwan.

It should be pretty exciting for Taiwan people, as you have some famous pro gamers there like Sen and Linda Liao to finally get to pit themselves against the Koreans on those servers. As for the european and russian mix I wonder if there will be language difficulties? But I guess everyone understands the GG, unless it turns into Gee Gee Gee.

Other stuff from that particular FAQ:

Q. When will this happen?

A. The region linking process will happen at the same time as StarCraft II Season 3, which is currently scheduled for the week of July 25.

Q. Do I have to do anything?

A. No — linking will happen automatically.

Q. Does this mean that the ladders of linked regions will be combined?

A. Yes, players from linked regions will be combined into a single ladder. This means you’ll have access to a larger pool of players at all skill levels to play against, which will improve the experience for players no matter what league they play in.

South Korea Camps

Over in south korea reported by allvoices at
“ryangeneral” reports that kids are sent to camps putting them through a grill of activities to wean them off video game addiction.
It is a pretty short read so you can head on over and take a look at it.

At least they get to ride horses! And some jokes about the snow being coke. As for human rights issue I leave it to you all to decide.

Lego Battle Cruiser Part Two


I found another just as cool lego Battle cruiser that probably took weeks to make!

The maker’s flickr account is:

Starcraft 2 Lego Battlecruiser

Lego BattleCruiser

Found another shot of the battle cruiser, maybe even the original maker?

Found it in a flickr’s user Jerac’s photo album

Battlecruiser head

Funny Starcraft 2

Here are some pretty cool and funny stuff from around the internet


we have what seems to be legitimate subtitles for a korean drama:

And from

We have something just as cool in the form of a Lego BattleCruiser!