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Hearthstone Presents

Looks like it is a merry occasion for Hearthstone giving!

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Looking for something for Christmas? If you are looking for a Hearthstone Gift this might help!

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Hearthstone Gift Guide

So you are looking for a gift for someone who you knows loves to play hearthstone, but you are unsure how? With amazon, it is now a whole lot easier!

To celebrate hearthstone’s launch on android (and also amazon app store), Amazon has managed a tie up with blizzard using Amazon coins to purchase hearthstone in app purchases.

You will finally be able to get the Hearthstone player a present for the game!

If you are intending to gift a present, be it for Birthdays or for Christmas and other events, one way would be to buy Amazon Gift Cards as a present for them so they can purchase Amazon Coins for the Hearthstone deals using the steps here or here or this page itself!


(Using current promotion, note that this can change)

1) Using the gift card to buy Amazon Coins
E.g. a $70 Gift Card will be able to buy 10000 coins in the current promotion at time of writing

2) Use the 10000 coins to buy Hearthstone packs in the Amazon App Store Hearthstone App, you will then get a coinback of 1000

3) You can then use the coinback of 1000 to buy more packs!

The best part about amazon gift cards is that they are sent almost instantly and there is no need to wait for shipping at all. This allows you to gift those last minute presents effectively, especially for say Christmas when all the deliveries are overloaded.

It used to be an incredible promotion where you can get 144 packs for just $80, but they have since reduced the 20% off coins and 50% coin back to 30% off coins and 10% coinback. While it is by no means a bad deal, you can now only get about 87 packs for $70. Those who acted fast really managed to get an incredible deal! Maybe Amazon will change their mind and revert back to the old promotion.


Starcraft merchandise hub

There are quite a few starcraft merchandise spinoffs out there and it can get confusing. There are some hubs on starcraft merchandise however to break them down into different categories.

Gaming focus: If you play starcraft 2 intensively or plan to get a gift or starcraft present for someone who does the bread and butter of the game would be in either an ergonomic starcraft 2 gaming mouse or a starcraft 2 razer gaming keyboard. Both of these are pricey but would make a good addition to any sc2 gamer’s arsenal!

There are also the more random stuff like gaming headsets.

And of course this would include the game if you’ve not purchased it yet! If you’re looking to get a friend into the game, amazon is selling it at a pretty cheap price these days. Far far from the initially rather steep price. Even the collectible edition has come down in price for some places, although it would have appreciated in others.

You could also try to obtain a pre-order copy of Heart of the Swarm for a friend, if you know they would like it and aren’t buying a collector’s edition if there is one.

Non Gaming Focus: There are also many other forms of collectibles to do with starcraft 2! These can be T-shirts which are pretty run of the mill spin offs, to things like mousepads which I guess could come under the gaming focus. If you’re not really into starcraft 2 t shirts then there are things like starcraft 2 books for those interested in the backstory.

If you’re looking for a christmas guide you can check this starcraft 2 christmas gifts guide out, maybe it’ll help in preparing presents for your friends!

Unbuyable Stuff: While not really beyond the reach of money, some of these things require a more personal touch. This usually involves things like soft toys or plushies of starcraft units like a probe or home made stuff like cakes shaped in a starting base. These kind of stuff usually won’t be available to you unless you know someone who can make them!

Then again, you could learn to do it yourself. Or check if the makers are willing to custom make and design one for you, at a price…

Starcraft 2 Gift Guide

Some people have found problems trying to find the ideal starcraft gift. Sometimes this is due to the variety out there, sometimes it is because their boyfriend or girlfriend is a starcraft 2 player but they themselves are not and as a result they do not know enough about starcraft to decide what to buy. This guide is meant for everyone.

This gift guide has the starcraft presents loosely arranged by price.

$100 and above:

Razer Marauder

This is probably the most expensive starcraft gift out there, right there with a copy of the last few existing collector’s edition. Its key feature for its $119 price is that it has lights that change color with your APM. While it in no way looks like a Starcraft 2 marauder unit with concussive shells, it does look like something a starcraft pilot would use. It fits inside the Starcraft 2 Universe. Pricey but a good gift if you can afford it.

Purchase Razer Marauder on amazon!

Razer Banshee

Same price as the marauder, except that this is a gaming headset. Last I saw it was sold out on Amazon. Knowing Razer, I would expect at least excellent quality with a spin on gaming.

Collector’s Edition

This would cost about a $100 if not more as it is no longer being produced. It has quite a bit of goodies, from making of dvds to in game pets in World of Warcraft as well as a modified unit in game. Take care not to buy a second hand collector’s edition though, as its value would have dropped sharply. Each game has a cd key that can only be used once to make an account required for play.

$70 – $90

Razer Keyboards (Gaming, Non Marauder)

Razer also stocks non Starcraft 2 branded keyboards like the lycosa or tarantula. In my personal opinion the keyboards are basically the same. The extra premium perhaps buys you LCD, lights and programmable keybinds to justify the extra $30-50 that you have to end up paying. With that out of the way, they do look good and work well. Professional gamers are seen using them, but that is probably because they are sponsored. The Lycosa is also a pretty popular choice and you can probably take a look and see if you want it by taking a look on amazon if you go here

$30 – $60

Gaming Mouse

There are lots of gaming mouse out there now. A popular one is the Abyssus since it goes at $30 or so from amazon which is about $15 cheaper than retail. Deathadder is also a good pick. If you are a gamer and you’re giving a gift to a fellow gamer who doesn’t have a gaming mouse then this is probably one of the best gifts or present you can get them.

A gaming mouse actually makes a significant difference when your screen is 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1080. I use a razer mamba myself. You can check out the range of gaming mouse available on amazon

Steel Series Keyboard

This is generally a hit or miss keyboard. Basically it is a customizable keyboard specially for the game. If you already have a ZBoard you can just buy the $25 key set and insert it over. If not it stands at about $55 if you get it from amazon which is about $15 cheaper than elsewhere. Honestly though, unless you already have a Zboard you are better off with a cheap Logitech or a Razer.

$15 – $20


This is another safe present as one can never have too many t-shirts, and the t-shirts coming out for starcraft are really good quality both in the make and the design. They come from well known brands like jinx or hot topic and the starcraft apparel can also be bought at amazon if you prefer amazon’s trustworthiness. Some good shirts include the black shirt with marine suited Jim Raynor as well as the Zeratul v Kerrigan fight fest. There are also faction Ts, but you’ll need to know whether the person likes protoss, terran or zerg for their apparel.

$10 – $15


The main benefits of a mouse pad is that everyone could always use one, and usually their existing one doesn’t look cool. Steel Series gaming mousepad has designers working hard on a cool looking Starcraft themed mousepad that is likely to fit well everywhere it ends up. While a gaming mouse pad isn’t really going to improve the game, it costs from $10 to $15. If you’re unsure which race the person plays, getting the Kerrigan fighting Zeratul mousepad is safe. (It’s the one where a dark lady fights an alien with a glowing green blade) If you know they play terran (and goes MMM ball all the time), get the Marauder mousepad. Another recommendation; don’t get the Tychus Finlay mousepad although it’ll probably be really limited edition soon enough. To get it from amazon, go here


There is by now quite a few novels out there for starcraft. The tricky part is in whether 1) the person you intend to gift to reads and 2) if the person does read, has the person read the book?

If you do intend to buy a book, I would go with the Dark Templar Saga (it’s a trilogy) or the latest Heaven’s Devils novel which also comes in a hardcover edition. You can take a look at it here

Barebones Keyboard

This can be a really risky present, and you would have to know Starcraft well. Basically, professional gamers (they get paid to play starcraft, the top earns about $200,000 USD a month) take cheap $10 keyboards and rip off certain keys so that only those keys good for playing starcraft are left. If you are an old hand at starcraft, buying a cheap keyboard and taking the time to rip off the right keys may make the ultimate gift or present; if the person you give to is aware (or can be made aware) of its significance.