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Carbotanimations Ultra Cute HOTS parody


look at the zergling puppies and the infestor!


Blizzard Holiday Dessert Contest Winners

You can view Blizzard’s finalized winners list for the desserts here:

“Another holiday season has come and gone, and while parting may be bittersweet, the entries you baked up and photographed for the 2010 Blizzard Holiday Dessert Contest were all sweet, all the time

Personally my favorite one is that of deathwing! That followed closely by the cupcakes of WoW.

A holiday dessert sure makes a pretty good choice for starcraft christmas gifts or for other occasions like birthdays too!

If you’re interested you really should go over the link up there and check it out at blizz’s website!

Those wonderful concoctions will win their maker prizes like

Razer Banshee Gaming Headset
Razer Marauder Gaming Keyboard
Razer Spectre Gaming Mouse
Signed Collector’s Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Signed Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Any of which is pretty imba on its own!

Starcraft Pikachu

Update! Starcraft’s Pikachu joins Team Razer

Ever seen what happens when two of the best selling games of all times merge together?

All kidding aside, the picture was probably made as a reference to the new up and rising female champion of Starcraft 2 babe Linda Liao. Her in game user name is ‘pikachu’, which actually suits her face too! She’s Taiwan born but schooled in Canada and is currently working in Asia. She’s also a mac user and Team Liquid recently had an interview with her which you can read here:

Some note worthy extracts below:

Q: Why did you decide to pick the ID “Pikachu”?

A: I gamed as Pikachu for SC1, so I just went along with this name for SC2, can’t recall why I chose it in the first place.

Q: Many male players after seeing you play so well think, “Wow, if only my girlfriend could play StarCraft II with me…”. Do you have any advice for recommending StarCraft II to girls?

A: 9BE, 12BG…with extra strength whitening effect! ; )
(Note: In Taiwan and most countries in Asia a lighter or “whiter” skin tone is considered to be desirable as opposed to being “tanned”, therefore if you stay in playing StarCraft you will be paler.)

Q: After the tournament ended on Monday morning you posted the good news on your Facebook page and created quite a stir, even pro players like Canadian Huk and fellow Taiwanese Sen personally congratulated you, how did it feel to receive some much support and blessings?

A: I was very touched to see everyone’s congratutions! I am nowhere near Huk and Sen level! I’m gonna just continue to work hard on this game!