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Zerg Rush Google

Google has a new easter egg and it is starcraft themed!

Head over to your search bar or google and type in zerg rush

“zerg rush”

you will soon see zerglings (actually google Os) rushing in to eat up the elements on the screen

you have to fend them off by rapidly clicking on them

and finally when you are slowly overwhelmed by the hoard of infinite Os you can take a break and look at your APM and O count!

They then form a giant GG at the end.

Have fun!

Razer Gaming IPO?

Razer is probably a rather familiar name with Starcraft 2 fans, partly because that name shows up on the jerseys of the famous SlayerS team and partly because of their high performance (and rather expensive) gaming gear.

If there is a listing, the article points towards Hong Kong, Singapore or the USA as potential listing sites.

The date for the IPO has not been set however, according the the news report.

According to the news article, Razer is has its HQ in California, has offices in San Francisco but operates too out of places in Asia from Singapore, Seoul and Shanghai as well as a few more.

And they have recently gone into the laptop scene, creating their own Razer blade gaming laptop that has already been sold. Their 17 inch $2800 laptop apparently sold out in just 30 minutes.

It looks like Razer is indeed doing rather well now. Perhaps they will be the next apple computers, but of the gaming industry.