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Lego Siege Tank

Here is something that is pretty cool. Someone made a moving siege tank with a lego kit that can move on its own as well as transform into siege positions and unsiege. It does have a dragoon color scheme though. After the lego battle cruiser I guess the next up would be the siege tank as symbols of terran units!

You can watch the full 30 seconds video here which shows it in action.

He also has a list of parts he used to make the pretty incredible siege tank. I guess one could build one of your own and bring it around and siege up! Send some lego marines in and it will be a re-enactment of the starcraft universe!

Too bad it would be pretty hard to create lego versions of the other two factions within Starcraft 2.

When Cheese Fails Season 2

If you liked the videos in the previous post you would be glad to know that the second season of when cheese fails has been out for quite a while. It is approaching the halfway mark which should be about 5 episodes out of the season’s 10 episodes.

You have the good ole fashioned canon rushes to gratuitous use of planetary fortress as well as all sorts of different players getting out-cheesed. There is even a drone rush in there.

If you can’t wait you can go on ahead to the embedded youtube link right here:

It is no longer as funny, but I guess that it also really depends on the replays they get. Send more in and they are looking for an actually decent 2v2 Cheese game!