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When Cheese Fails

I think I may be a little slow on this one, but someone just pointed me out to this hilarious series on youtube called ‘when cheese fails’. It has eponymous content in that it is about Starcraft 2 Cheese strategies in games that fail or backfire badly on them. Sometimes it involves a double cheese through counter cheese. The first season has 10 episodes in total although I think the ones that are the best are the three episodes leading up to the finale in the other of episode 8 followed by episode 7 and then episode 9 which made it for downloading to view whenever I need some laughs!


Huiting v Nysskel (Terran, red v Protoss, blue respectively)
The most hilarious game ever made so far.

You can check out the other videos from the channel!

Starcraft edits

Those who are not new to Starcraft would know about the many things that got cut and edited. Kotaku has over the past few weeks covered some of these edits and decisions Blizzard had to make in developing the Starcraft Franchise.

One of these would be Starcraft Ghost!5759800/the-head-of-blizzard-explains-the-death-of-starcraft-ghost

This would be the very ghost that you see if you go down the alternative path in the game and get ghosts in Single Player. If you’ve not heard of it, she was supposed to have her own game called Starcraft: Ghost in first person action.

Apparently they had to sacrifice it to get World of Warcraft out properly, as well as maintain their development schedules for Starcraft 2. Maybe you’ll see it rear its head in the future!

The other cut that kotaku covered has to do with making Starcraft 2 playable. Or more specifically, viewable as an e-sport like you see in GSL over at GomTV or perhaps the recent IEM.!5777029/the-sacrifices-of-starcraft-ii-made-in-the-name-of-esports

According to the article the Ultralisk and the Mothership were intended to be waaay larger than they are in the current game. Naturally fi they were too huge you could hide mounds of banelings and stalkers under their bulk, in effect ‘spoiling’ the game which were why they were scaled down.

And those were the decisions that had gone into the world of Starcraft!