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Terran Cake (Starcraft)

Seems like a lot more Starcraft 2 Cakes are hitting the internet these days. Just found this real gem of a Terran Bunker Cake.

Once again very well made, if it had tiny marines popping out it would be just like the real thing!

Source/Cake Maker: Puyoda on Flickr

All In Protoss Sugar Rush

Just saw this incredible Protoss Cake while surfing around the internet. It looks real good and carefully labored upon. You can see how the minerals are slightly shiny and made to look slightly boxy. The probes and the nexus are also intricately detailed, all the more so when you consider that they are to end up in someone’s stomach!

I wonder if the maker will make a how to guide. For portal players out there, now you know, the cake is not a lie!